Mongolian Bible Translation of the King James Bible in Mongolian

Since March of 2009 the team has been working full time on translating the King James Bible into the Mongolian language.  As of March of 2013 the New Testament has been completed.  As soon as a final read through is completed the New Testament will be printed.  Below is our Bible translation phylosophy.

After the New Testament is delievered to the printer we will begin the translation of the King Jame Bible Old Testament.

Bible Translation Philosophy
The source of translation will be the King James Bible, known as the authorized version (AV). We consider this Bible to be the preserved Word of God in the English language. There are no experts in the Mongolian language and the Greek and Hebrew languages; however, there are skilled translators from English to Mongolian. Therefore, the decision was made to translate from the King James Bible. As much as possible and within the limits of ability, constant references will be made to Greek and Hebrew using available references and resources.
Individual translators will be assigned a portion of scripture to translate. Then the translation team, consisting of the translators and any other available personnel, will meet together and make a critical and thorough review of the translated material and will come to consensus as to how the translation should read. Then Mongolian language grammar experts will review the translation for correct form and grammar. After all corrections are made and reviewed to insure grammar changes did not affect the translation, the text will be given to other translators to back translate the Mongolian into English. This English will then be checked by various people who are well studied in the King James Bible to determine if the Mongolian is saying what was inspired by God. Any identified problem areas will be corrected.

The Words God spoke are spirit and they are life. Therefore, the translation must reflect such, without adding anything to or taking anything away from what God inspired. Primary concern will be given to accuracy, then language form and readability. The Mongolian language will not allow a word for word translation. However, after translation each English word will be reviewed to determine if it has been included or accounted for in the translation. In cases where words are of absolute necessity to be added they will be identified via italics. Names in the Bible will be transliterated from the Hebrew pronunciation and will be carried over to the New Testament.  No other transliterations will be allowed unless absolutely necessary and will be thoroughly reviewed on a case by case basis.